Latest results and insights of our work on accelerating the adoption of artificial intelligence technology.

Position Paper

The appliedAI Initiative’s standpoint on a german AI strategy

The German Government will publish the German AI Strategy in autumn 2018. The position paper is an answer to the benchmark paper of the Government from June. It should serve politics and the public as a blueprint and a call for action on how Germany should adopt AI in order to keep up with the world in the AI race.

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Startup Landscape

In Germany, 132 start-ups now work exclusively or predominantly with artificial intelligence. Together with our partners we identified and evaluated over 600 start-ups to develop the first comprehensive German AI startup landscape. The 132 start-ups that made it onto the landscape are private companies with headquarters or significant development activities in Germany and are founded after 2008. We included only companies that have machine learning (ML) in their core or exhibit a significant usage of ML. We will subsequently publish new insights regarding the German AI start-up landscape to help you get started with this technology and at the same time support our start-ups to get traction.

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Use Cases

Library of Use Case Families

Identifying real-world business opportunities for the application of AI technologies is crucial for the future success of a business. To provide decision-makers with a guideline and perspective on which problems can be solved by and enriched with AI in their businesses, we provide a comprehensive interactive library of AI Use Cases. The AI Use Case Library is based on our own research and expert insights from our partners and our network. The Library will be constantly updated as the field evolves.

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Outstanding Startups

Supporting companies and Startups in the German and European Ecosystem is key to appliedAIs mission: Accelerating the adoption of AI Technology. Therefore we named five overall outstanding startups in the field of AI that originate from the local Ecosystems on Germany. The goal of this list is to name trust-worthy partners for companies to work within this quickly-evolving field. appliedAI has talked to each and every one of those startups in depth. The list of startups will grow over time to name the most important players. We do not name behemoths who are already on everyones map.

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