Today we are proud to introduce Google as a strategic technology partner to the appliedAI initiative.
This expands our pool of partners by an important tech-heavyweight and grants appliedAI access to some of the latest Google technologies.

“Automation and Robotics are key elements of the fourth industrial revolution, which we are currently experiencing because of the progress in AI”, said Eric Schmidt, in front of 1000 Students at the TUM as part of his trip to the Munich Security Conference. Eric Schmidt, who has been the executive chairman of Alphabet and is now a technical advisor to the company, announced that Google and the appliedAI Initiative will work together on Artificial Intelligence, Maschine Learning and Robotics.

Google will support the Initiative not only monetary, but also with their knowledge and personell resources and by that will join NVIDIA and Pure, who are already strategic technology partners of the Initiative.

We, the team of appliedAI, look forward to working together with google on accelerating the adoption of AI.


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